At Diamond restroom rentals, we understand the importance of having every facet of an event run flawlessly.

Whether you are a homeowner renting a unit for the first time or an event coordinator who needs hundreds of units, we make the same promise to you – we’ll deliver your washroom trailer on time, pick them up promptly upon request, and do it for the best prices in the lower mainland.

 “Event planners dream team.”



Single Unit Rental 

Perfect to add to existing facilities or for small at home gatherings. Standard units come with hand sanitizer and just like all of our services, these portable units are priced at flat rates. We always keep units in stock and each new year we bring in the lastest portables to be used on events only. 


Double Unit Rental 

This pair is perfect for keeping the ladies happy! Why share a unit when the ladies can have there own separate unit! The pink units help keep the guys out, and your event goers impressed! We always keep units in stock and each new year we bring in the lastest portables to be used on events only. 


Double Unit Rental + Hand Wash Station  


Are you serving food and Drinks? Don't have any place to wash your hands? This combo adds a hand wash station! Placed by the restrooms or buy the food it is perfect for keeping your event food-safe and sanitary!


Luxury 2 Station and 3 Station Trailers

If you are planning a wedding, you want it to be as luxurious as it can be for your guests. If the event is at a private home/farm, you also want to protect your home from the people who are invited. Your home will already be in disarray with people going in and out. Having a nice place for guests to use the restroom eliminates that many more people are going into your home. It also gives you peace of mind that people won't be walking through your house looking for the bathroom.

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This spaciously designed portable restroom includes:

  • One Men and One Women's Suite, and a Unisex Suite

  • Men's Suite includes stall and urinal

  • Women's Suite includes stall

  • The unisex suite includes stall and urinal

  • Water saving white ceramic china toilets 

  • Full Vanity within counter wastebaskets

  • State of the Art fixtures

  • Roof Mounted A/C Unit

  • Independent heating for all three stalls


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